Listed below are the Values that Qwellcor International Limited stands for and which guides us in our decisions and behavior:

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

We value our Customers, understand their business, and pledge our commitment to contribute to their success and satisfaction.


We value team accomplishments and seek opportunities to join with our colleagues to advanced the success of our Company

Respect For The Individual

We value our employees and commit to an environment where we treat each other with respect, recognize excellence, and challenge each individual to grow personally and professionally.

Developing People

We value the ongoing development and improvement of our greatest resource - our Staff.


We value the unique combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to this workplace.


We value, above all, our integrity in everything we do.

Our Code of Conduct

  • We comply with applicable laws governing our operations.
  • We create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace that respects individuals and is free from discrimination.
  • We base our business decisions and supplier selections on business mert and value, not on personal or family influence.
  • We safeguard confidential and proprietary information.
  • We properly and efficiently use Company funds and property.
  • We comply with proper accounting and financial reporting rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • We compete aggressively, and we earn our clients' business by providing outstanding service and products and by representing our products, services, and people honestly.