Corporate Strategy

Marketing and Distribution

Qwellcor International Limited can leverage opportunities and manage the challenges that could arise in our chosen markets. In the last 2 years, Qwellcor has grown market share through a combination of new product introductions, innovative selling and brand management.

Given its importance in our strategy, our company has a dedicated management team to source new product lines and global alliance opportunities.

Our field force continues to grow and our sales, marketing and distribution network allows us to segregate into discrete sections with a disease focus to improve customer coverage. The company has a product portfolio which spans nine key therapeutic areas, including Cardio-vascular, Opthalmology, Diabetes Management, Respiratory, Anti-infectives, Gastro-intestinals, Dermatology, NSAIDS and Antiretrovirals. We also provide a broad range of diagnostic test products including Hepatitis, Pregnancy, Oncology, Cardiology, HIV and Multi-Drug Testing.

In 2007, Qwellcor International Limited launched its Medical Supplies Division with the provision of high quality, CE certified products including surgical, respiratory, gynaecological supplies along with bandages, surgical wear and more.

With a sharpened focus on total management of discrete disease areas, Qwellcor International has medical and sales representatives to cover more than 75% of all key doctor segments. Our field force has implemented best-in-class practices, including knowledge management support for doctors. We will invest in augmenting our field force to strengthen general and specialist physician coverage and sharpen our divisional focus.

The size of our field forces and the strong training and motivational inputs that are continually provided to our Team has enabled Qwellcor International to significantly increase its market penetration. A testament to this fact is that despite severe competition across private and public markets, our company has maintained and in some cases increased its position across key segments.